5 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

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Imagine the day when you need to know the 5 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos!

You have had your brand photo shoot with The Brand Photography Company – that’s us! You felt super nervous before the shoot, now you feel like your are gliding on air with confidence. You’ve seen your sneak previews and loved them. You cannot wait to see the full gallery! You now have seen the full gallery, downloaded them and eager to get them out there for the world to see the amazing business owner that you are!

But what comes next? Overwhelm, confusion of what to do first with them?

Our blog 5 Ways to Use Your Brand Photo Shoot Images, will help you create a checklist of what you can do with your brand photo shoot images!

Update everything! 

Your website, profile pictures, email signature, office ID, social media banners, blog portrait – everything where your clients see you, should be your brand images. Yes your selfies are glorious when you were out for drinks with the girls. But is that what your client wants to see? By having the same set of images across those client touch points makes for a clear, strong brand identity.

Plan your content marketing

What are you posting and sharing on Instagram and Facebook? You will have a range of portraits, full body shots and detailed stock library images that only you have; use a variety of images throughout your plans as well as the DIY shots you have and designed graphics you use. Look for that brand consistency – everything will be glowing in your brand colours and look incredibly sophisticated.

Professional branding images of a skilled accountant in her home office

Have you thought of video? 

Film a few snippets from your next client session, or of you creating your client products. Then design through an app such as Videoshop to splice the video and brand images together. Don’t forget your brand palette, logo and font to really bring the whole look together.

Injectable procedures beautifully portrayed by our brand photography for facial symmetry

Get them on Canva

You can upload hundreds of images to Canva and design new electronic marketing material such as blog template headers, leaflets, Pinterest graphics, social media graphics. It’s a whole marketing platform at your finger tips and best of all – it’s free! I fully recommend upgrading to the ¬£10 per month package with lots more features and time saving tips.

Once your graphics are designed – get them printed! 

That’s an easy one, but you could be sending them out with client packages, leave them in a shop that would be a great collaboration; it’s a wonderful way to get your brand out there even more and relatively cheap for the cost of printing.

5 Ways to Use Your Brand Photo Shoot Images

We would love to know if you decide to do any of the above points and the impact that it has on your business! Send a message through our contact page.

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