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We are Steve and Steph, a husband and wife photography team with extensive experience.

We are passionate supporters of small businesses, and it is our mission to create breathtaking, brand-enhancing images that not only boost sales but also enable your brand to stand out confidently amidst your competitors.

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Steve Cronin


Hello, I’m Steve

I have many years of experience in photography and have loved it for as long as I can remember!

In fact, my very first ‘camera’ was a flip-open Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one that would put a picture of a turtle into the corner of every picture it took. I loved that thing! (I don’t use it for brand shoots now, so don’t worry.)

When I turned 16, my parents bought me my first professional camera, a Canon T80. This is where I really started to figure out how cameras work and trained myself on how to use it. So, photography has been a part of most of my life.

When I’m not working, I’m also a very proud husband and dad. Luckily, I work with my gorgeous wife, so I get to spend plenty of time with her! We have an incredible 4-year-old son who keeps us very much on our toes, and we are pregnant with our second child.

In between all of the above, if I do find myself with a bit of time, I’m a bit of a Star Trek and Marvel fan, so that helps me to chill out in the evenings (plus my guilty pleasure is binge-watching Below Deck).

My other passion is music. I adore rock and am a self-confessed air drumming champ to all things Foo Fighters, but I’m also a massive Genesis fan (apparently, I’m in the top 0.5% of listeners in the world according to Spotify). Anything with a good beat will get my attention, and Mondays are my favorite day for tunes because that’s when Spotify releases my new ‘weekly mix’ so I can start liking even more bands I’ve never heard.

Steph Cronin


Hello, I’m Steph

My photography journey started when I was a child in Falkirk, Scotland. My dad worked for a large newspaper, and he was always very interested in the art, so that was how I was first introduced to it.

I always remember my first bit of ‘photography press’ was when I was little and I won a photography competition with my picture of the local clock tower in our town center. It was turned into a printed calendar, and from that point forward, my passion bloomed.

I have done many different things in the photography world. I’ve worked in newspapers, airports, prints, and even taught the subject in further education!

I first met my husband Steve in an MSN chat room back in the day, and we often joke that we invented online dating! From there, our love grew, and now, some 20 years later, we have one child, one baby bump, plus a Cocker Spaniel called Thor (guess who named him!)

When I’m not pregnant, I enjoy a cheeky G&T (rhubarb flavor being my favorite), plus the occasional trip to our local spa for a bit of downtime!




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