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Getting Inspired:

As a Berkshire brand photography expert, our utmost passion lies in capturing the essence of businesses through visually stunning imagery. Back in November 2021, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Karen, an experienced retail entrepreneur and the brilliant mind behind “Inspire My Soul,” a charming jewelry business nestled in her picturesque Victorian cottage in Burchetts Green, Berkshire. With Christmas just around the corner, Karen eagerly sought our expertise to craft seasonal images that would infuse her brand with the enchantment and magic of the festive season. So, without further ado, we invite you to join us as we delve into the captivating details of this truly unforgettable personal business brand photoshoot.

The picturesque Victorian cottage in Berkshire

Location, Location, Location:

Karen’s home, a Victorian cottage brimming with character and warmth, served as the ideal backdrop for our Christmas product shoot. The charming interior not only exuded Karen’s personality but also provided the perfect setting to capture the essence of her brand. With every nook and cranny telling a story, the enchanting atmosphere complemented the unique charm of Karen’s jewelry business.

The Whats:

Highlighting Karen’s Exquisite Jewellery Collection: Sterling Silver Personalised Pieces and Crystal Pendants. Infusing the festive spirit, Karen also presented a beautiful wooden Christmas tree advent calendar, showcasing each jewelry piece in a unique and enchanting manner.

Summer planning for Christmas campaigns

Extra Mile:

We went the Extra Mile: Capturing Karen’s Winter Charm. During the shoot, we took full advantage of the opportunity to capture some wintery, Christmassy shots of Karen herself. Stepping outside into the crisp, frosty air, we skillfully immortalized her radiant smile against the enchanting backdrop of the season. These captivating images added an intimate touch, allowing Karen’s customers to forge a deeper connection with both her and the brand.

Appreciation for Professional Brand Images:

Valuing Professional Brand Images: Karen’s Previous Investment in Our Send & Shoot Package. Having already experienced our high-quality images, Karen deeply understands the importance and value of brand photography. The shots captured during the Christmas shoot will further enrich her content bank.

Personal brand photographs are an invaluable investment for any small business. The images will serve as versatile assets that can be utilised in countless ways to promote the business and enhance marketing campaigns.

Inspire my soul brand photography

Final Thoughts:

Its always a pleasure working with Karen from inspire my soul, and this Christmas product shoot was a joyous experience.

As we enter the summer months, it’s an opportune time for retailers to start planning their Christmas campaigns. Reach out to us to arrange a no-obligation call and discover how we can help you elevate your brand.

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