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We had the pleasure of creating brand photography for Kiran a menopause coach for the second time in 2 years. She is an amazing menopause coach who is so very uplifting and also fun to be around.

She is an absolute expert in her field, and is always working hard to consistently increase her knowledge and awareness on how the menopause affects woman.

Kiran explained to us how she works with her clients; from phone and video consultations, to recipe preparation, food ideas and even down to DUTCH testing for patients to check in with their hormones.

She had her first branding shoot about two years ago and felt it was time for a freshen up!

All in the details

After our discovery call, where we send over a list of things to consider about your branding photoshoot. Kiran decided she would be best finding a background that provided a modern feel. We required a neutral yet modern location to photograph in.

We sourced a stunning local shoot house in Bracknell that was the perfect location for Kiran’s business look and feel.

The outfits had to be colourful to stand against the modern kitchen, but also work and pop from the soft furnishings of the coach.

Location, location, location…

We chose this location as it was perfect fit for Kiran’s needs. When considering a backdrop for your branding images, its important to aim directly at your ideal client and where they would like to see you.

If you liked the shoot house we used for her shoot here is the link for it: Shoot House


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