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When its comes to a personal brand photo shoot, it doesn’t come more colourful than the talented mind behind Tinkers. She builds fabulous boredom boxes. Our goal was to capture the essence of Jews business and bring it to life through stunning imagery. Let’s dive into the exciting journey we embarked on during this personal brand photoshoot.

Setting the Stage: Located in Bracknell, Berkshire, our studio provided the perfect backdrop for Tinkers’ photoshoot. Our team worked diligently to create a bright, airy, and colorful environment that reflected the brand’s lively and fun nature. Using our professional photography backgrounds in Tinkers’ vibrant brand colors, we ensured that every image exuded the spirit of creativity and joy that Tinkers brings to its customers.

Unveiling Tinkers’ Marvellous Boredom Boxes

Jem’s brand photo shoot was to focus on her boredom boxes. These are a source of endless entertainment for both children and adults. From hand-poured shapes resembling everything from animals to themed boxes like Princess, Superhero, Pirate, Space, Dino, Unicorn, Bugs, Transport, Mermaid, Butterfly, Fairy, Football, Story Book, Woodland, Farmyard, and Baby, there’s something to captivate everyone’s imagination. The mini boredom boxes, featuring a large item to paint, are particularly appealing. Additionally, Tinkers has thoughtfully included a Boobie box to raise awareness of Breast Cancer, as well as a Mindfulness box containing four large flowers to paint for a little escapism.

With Tinkers, creativity knows no bounds, making it the perfect solution for keeping minds of all ages entertained, engaged, and inspired.

Jem’s Studio

A Hub of Fun and Creativity: During the photoshoot, we had the pleasure of capturing Jem in her Bracknell-based studio. This vibrant space radiates positive energy and is the perfect setting for Tinkers’ super fun themed painting sessions. From the walls adorned with colorful artwork to the tables filled with an array of paints and brushes, Jem’s studio embodies the essence of Tinkers.

The Power of Visuals

The images captured during the photoshoot are a valuable investment for Tinkers. Jem will utilize these visuals across various platforms, including social media channels, her website, and print materials. The vibrant and engaging imagery will serve as a visual narrative, effectively conveying the brand’s spirit, attracting potential customers, and fostering a sense of connection.

To explore Jem’s fun and creativity and the results of our photoshoot, visit her website at


The personal brand photoshoot with Tinkers was delightful. It allowed us to capture the essence of Jem’s vibrant and imaginative business. Through our collaboration, we created a captivating visual narrative that will engage Tinkers’ target audience and help the brand stand out in a crowded market.

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