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Visual communication of brand values through photography

Berkshire Brand Photographer: Antonietta health and wellness coach

As a Berkshire-based brand photographer, each project offers a chance to capture a business’s essence through captivating visuals that reflect its core values. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Antonietta, the passionate mind behind Antonietta B. Located in her warm and inviting home in Maidenhead, we embarked on a lifestyle brand shoot aiming to capture the heart of her health and wellness coaching business.

Small business success through compelling visuals

Product Brand Photography: The Canford Candle Company

We had the pleasure of photographing the lady behind ‘The Canford Candle Company’. We created stunning picture of her & her home made candles.

Stunning necklace photo with grey blurred background

Second Time around With ‘Inspire my soul’: A Brand Photographer’s Perspective

A brand photographers perspective: This marked our second collaboration with Karen, as she entrusted us once again to capture her creations.

Feel-good Slogans in Gift Boxes

Berkshire Brand Photography: Warren Beauty’s Products

Warren Beauty’s Product Photo Shoot was epic. We shoot scented candles, notebooks, pens, feel-good slogans, journals, and pampering products.

Personal Brand Shoot

Berkshire Brand Photography: Clare Cogan Teenage Anxiety Specialist

Personal brand shoot for Clare Cogan from ClareCogan.com by The Brand Photography Company in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK

Finished home made pizza

Berkshire Brand Photography: Robyn’s Nest Pizza Boxes

Capturing the essence of this passionate entrepreneurs take home to make pizza boxes was great. Lifestyle food photography is always a fav!

Tinkers boredom boxes for kids

Berkshire Brand Photography: Tinkers’ Brand Photo Shoot

In the dynamic world of small businesses, capturing your creativity and colour is essential. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Tinkers

Families Magazine Editor

Berkshire Brand Photography: Claire Winter From Making Words Come Alive

Personal brand shoot for Claire Winter from Making Words Come Alive by The Brand Photography Company at The Royal Foresters in Ascot, Berkshire, UK

Cooking branding pictures

Right Time To Get A Brand Shoot?: Tips & Cases Studies

Learn what a brand shoot is & how it can benefit you. We study three businesses at different stages of growth as examples.

Shannon Andrews' personal brand shoot in London's vibrant atmosphere

Berkshire Brand Photography: Shannon Andrews Calligraphy

What a real privilege it was to work with Shannon Andrews Calligraphy. She is the lady behind ‘The Hand Lettering Studio’ based out of London

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