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As avid supporters of small businesses, our purpose is to craft stunning images that not only boost sales but also empower your brand to confidently stand out from competitors. We understand the importance of strong branding in distinguishing yourself from the crowd. That’s why we specialise in capturing engaging and lively lifestyle branding photos that truly represent your business and unique personality. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Claire Winter, an incredibly skilled journalist and content creator at Making Words Come Alive. Working on a personal brand shoot with such a successful and inspiring individual was an absolute delight. Want to find out more about Claire and her amazing work? Keep reading!

Meet Claire Winter: Expert Journalist And Content Creator At Making Words Come Alive

Let us introduce you to the remarkable Claire Winter, a journalist and content creator with an impressive 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping business owners overcome writing blocks and achieve their goals. For eight years, Claire served as the editor of Families magazine, which covered Berkshire and focused on parents with young children in the Thames Valley region. Producing six magazines annually, she left an indelible mark on the community. Claire’s talents extend beyond print media, as she has also contributed captivating blog posts for the esteemed BBC.

Claire is a skilled content creator who crafts compelling national content for the prestigious 35 Families magazines throughout the country. She has been a trusted ally for countless businesses, providing invaluable assistance in marketing campaigns, including designing eye-catching advertisements and crafting persuasive copy. And that’s not all! She has also executed successful social media campaigns across multiple platforms, bolstering her clients’ online presence. 

With a solid foundation as a trained NCTJ journalist, Claire began her career at ITN in broadcast news on radio and television. Claire enjoys writing captivating features on parenting, health, lifestyle, and travel. Additionally, she takes pleasure in discovering unique and unconventional events, places, and people with a bit of quirkiness. Claire Winter is a force to be reckoned with, bringing creativity, expertise, and a bit of magic to everything she does!

Claire’s Work Goals

In a world brimming with content, Claire’s approach stands out. She is a true professional when it comes to creating content that resonates with her audience. She knows how important it is to develop purposeful and impactful material that grabs people’s attention and keeps them engaged. Her dedication to helping businesses write for their unique brand and develop effective content strategies is worth its weight in gold. 

With Claire’s expertise, businesses can cut through the noise and deliver content that genuinely connects with their ideal customers. For businesses in search of outstanding content that truly engages their target audience, Claire Winter is the guiding force. Her ability to transform words into captivating pieces of content, paired with her team’s exceptional writing skills, ensures that businesses can showcase their unique offerings to the world. 

Personal Brand Shoot For Claire Winter At Making Words Come Alive

Nestled in the heart of Ascot for over 140 years, The Royal Foresters is a historic gem that has been refurbished, remade, and redesigned. The building offered a plethora of picturesque settings and backdrops to perfectly highlight Claire’s vibrant personality and the essence of her brand. This personal brand shoot was a complete joy from beginning to end, thanks to Claire’s lively spirit and three amazing outfit changes.

As the session began, Claire radiated confidence and charm, dressed in a stylish blue shirt. Holding a cup of tea, she showcased her writing talents with ease. We captured photos of her in action, fully absorbed in writing. Plus, we took some beautiful shots of her reading her beloved books. Seeing Claire’s passion and dedication firsthand was an absolute joy, and the images we took truly reflect her love for her craft.

Claire’s wardrobe choices were a reflection of her dynamic personality and impeccable style. For her second outfit, she surprised us with a beautiful blue dress that suited her bright smile. We then headed outdoors, where Claire’s delightful and amiable character made it a breeze to capture her true essence. She posed effortlessly in front of a white brick wall, which made her vibrant personality and clothes stand out. Claire’s infectious smile never wavered, mirroring her passion and enthusiasm for life.

For the final phase of the shoot, we moved indoors, with Claire wearing a stunning red and white dress coupled with black boots. Thanks to her infectious energy and her bright smile, we were able to capture a combination of candid and professional shots. Claire exuded confidence throughout the shoot. The pictures truly did justice to her one-of-a-kind persona and personal style! Documenting her in her element was a blast! We feel privileged to have witnessed her authenticity firsthand.

Personal Brand Photography Sessions With The Brand Photography Company 

Claire, your magnetic energy and unwavering commitment to excellence are qualities we will always cherish. It was great spending time with you! We hope that you and your team will continue to achieve success in the future. It was an honour to capture your vibrant personality!

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