Colliers International | Harlequins Rugby Club Event Photography

Relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere at the Colliers International event
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Colliers International | Harlequins Rugby Club Event Photography

We had the pleasure of once again being hired by the esteemed real estate company Colliers International for their Occupier Services EMEA region. Our team has had the opportunity to work closely with them on a variety of events, including engaging team building away days, informative staff training sessions, and comprehensive two-day conferences. Each interaction with their team has left us impressed by their generosity and the warm and friendly atmosphere they foster.

The Event:

This time, we had the privilege of capturing moments at the prestigious Harlequins rugby ground, conveniently located opposite Twickenham rugby stadium. The venue provided the perfect backdrop for the team building activities and staff learning sessions. These corporate events offer a unique opportunity for us to not only capture memorable photographs but also gain valuable insights from the discussions and interactions.

Colliers International is renowned for its exceptional corporate culture, which was evident throughout the event. The relaxed and enjoyable environment created by the attendees showcased their genuine enthusiasm and engagement.

The Speakers:

To elevate the event even further, Colliers secured two outstanding individuals: Danny Care, an English rugby union player, and Daley Thompson CBE, a legendary British former decathlete.

The conversations with these remarkable speakers were both inspiring and relatable, showcasing their humility and down-to-earth personalities.

We cannot express enough how much we love what we do! The ability to use our cameras to capture extraordinary moments and meet exceptional individuals is a privilege.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Bev Van Zyl and Andrew Hallissey for their continued support and entrusting us. Your company’s dynamic and uplifting presence continues to inspire us.

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Colliers International | Harlequins Rugby Club Event Photography.

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