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Creating a captivating personal brand shoot can greatly enhance your brand identity by showcasing your unique values and personality. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Diana Wilkinson, the founder of Diana’s Wardrobe, for her personal brand shoot. It’s not just about showing off her amazing products but also about letting her unique values and personality shine through. In this post, we’ll take you through Diana’s personal brand shoot and explore key elements that made it a success.

About Diana’s Wardrobe:

Let me introduce you to the fabulous Diana Wilkinson, a resident of Maidenhead. Diana is a certified Style Image Consultant, having completed a course with the renowned Alicia Kite Academy. Her love for shopping and fashion led her to create her own venture called Diana’s Wardrobe. What started as an idea of selling some of her pre-loved items to friends quickly grew into a bigger business through pop-up shops!

Soon, Diana started adding bags, scarves, and other accessories to enhance her pre-loved range, both via retail cooperatives and the exciting world of online shopping. Diana’s Wardrobe offers a wide range of products, including bags, purses, scarves, jewelry, bag straps, clothing, and gifts. As an accessory enthusiast, Diana understands how bright scarves, stylish bags, or statement jewelry can effortlessly elevate an outfit, and she loves helping her customers find what suits their style.

Personal Brand Shoot for Diana’s Wardrobe:

Diana Wilkinson is a passionate fashion lover who has turned her hobby into a business. She wanted to showcase her collection of products, accessories, and fashion in a light and bright way while also highlighting her unique personality. We documented her personal brand shoot, keeping in mind her vision and brand values, and boy, did we have fun!

We set the stage for the shoot right in Diana’s workspace, where all the magic happens! It was the perfect opportunity to capture her in action, working with her products. We wanted to show how she goes above and beyond to help her customers find their perfect style. We also took photos of her accessorizing different outfits to showcase the versatility of her collection, along with a few candid shots of Diana working in her space, helping customers find the desired product for their style.

Colour Me Everything:

One of the key aspects that set Diana’s Wardrobe apart is the variety of colors her products come in. So, when we were shooting, we made sure to highlight that aspect. We took shots that really showed off the details of her handbags and captured images of her wide range of shoes. We played around with different angles and lighting techniques to give the whole thing a super cohesive and visually appealing vibe.

With this personal brand shoot, our focus was on creating a connection between Diana and her audience. I really wanted to capture her warm and friendly vibes in the photos. We told her to just be herself and let her bubbly personality shine through with some fun poses and expressions. We also ensured that the photos were authentic and reflected her personal style. The end result was a series of photos that would be perfect for her social media, website, and other marketing materials. We selected images that showcased her collection, personality, and brand values.

Personal Brand Photography Sessions with The Brand Photography Company

Thank you, Diana, for trusting us with your personal brand photography. We loved how, whether it was the gorgeous apparel, statement shoes, or stylish bags, each item was chosen with care to highlight the brand style and showcase the range of amazing products. We had a great time highlighting the versatility of it all and capturing your unique style.

If you’re a small business owner or just looking to jumpstart your personal brand, don’t hesitate and book a personal brand shoot today. Your future clients will thank you for it! So why wait? Call us at +44 07717790036 or send an email here to get started. To know more about us, be sure to check out our website here and LinkedIn page! We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life.

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