Second Time around With ‘Inspire my soul’: A Brand Photographer’s Perspective

Stunning necklace photo with grey blurred background
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Welcome to ‘a brand photographers perspective’ with The Brand Photography Company. We share our experiences capturing the essence of inspiring brands. Today, we delve into our delightful product shoot with Karen from Inspire my soul, a talented jewellery designer who works from her Victorian cottage in Burchetts Green, Berkshire. Let’s explore how we collaborated to create captivating visuals that truly represented her brand.

Stunning necklace photo with grey blurred background

A Repeat Engagement:

This marked our second collaboration with Karen, as she entrusted us once again to capture her stunning creations. This time, she opted for our Send & Shoot package at our Bracknell Studio. This is our service were clients send us their products and we shoot on site and then return the products.

Unveiling the Charms:

Karen’s sterling silver collection boasts numerous charms, each with a symbolic meaning. Our goal was to capture the essence of these intricate pieces while incorporating her brand’s aesthetic – a delicate blend of pale grey and pale pink. From hand-stamped personalised initial charms, discs, hearts, and stars, we meticulously photographed each piece, including variations in both sterling silver and rose gold plate.

Karen Rossers inspire my soul jewellery collection brand photoshoot

Necklace Collections:

In addition to the charms, we had the pleasure of capturing Karen’s three inspire my soul personalised sterling silver necklace collections: Remembrance, Love, and Celebration. Each collection featured four charm necklaces adorned with personalised charms. We displayed them against pale grey and pale pink backgrounds. We also highlighted the inspire my soul brand look and feel, by showcasing them on top of a hardcover notebook, impeccably on-brand with its pale grey colour.

Collaborative Vision:

Karen’s clarity of vision played a pivotal role in the success of this photoshoot. Prior to the session, we created a joint Pinterest board, allowing us to exchange ideas and decide on the props and overall direction of the shoot. This collaborative approach ensured that we seamlessly aligned with Karen’s brand aesthetics and brought her vision to life through our lens.

Close upmjewellery collection brand photography

Expanding Karen’s Brand Library:

Over time, Karen has taken advantage of our services for both Personal Brand Photography and Send & Shoot sessions, amassing a versatile collection of images to support her marketing efforts. Moreover, she has also attended our in-person and online Photography courses offered through The Photography Academy. Equipped with new skills, Karen can now capture her own smartphone shots whenever she needs to, further empowering her brand’s visual presence.

The Power of Brand and Product Photography:

Karen’s journey with Inspire My Soul exemplifies the significance of brand and product photography for small businesses. Visual storytelling plays a crucial role in building an engaging brand presence, and our team at The Brand Photography Company is passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs like Karen to elevate their brands to new heights.

Inspire my souls packaging jewellery collection brand photoshoot

Join Us in Elevating Your Brand:

If you’re a small business owner looking to harness the power of brand and product photography, we invite you to connect with us at The Brand Photography Company. Our experienced team would love to collaborate with you and help bring your brand’s story to life through stunning visuals.


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