Berkshire Brand Photography: Shannon Andrews Calligraphy

Shannon Andrews' personal brand shoot in London's vibrant atmosphere
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It was a real privilege and pleasure to work with Shannon Andrews. She lady behind The Hand Lettering Studio based in London. We recently connected through Maddy Shine’s SEO expert challenge, where she won a personal brand shoot with me.

Personal Brand Photo Shoot at Robyn’s Nest Cafe

Shannon had rebranded and was now working on a more corporate and commercial level. She had decided to move away from creating small hand-lettered designs on notepads. She decided to focus on a b2b approach, helping other small businesses gain visibility and incorporating her unique hand-lettering style into their branding.

Shannon’s brand predominantly uses black and white with minimal color throughout her branding and social media presence.

Given Shannon’s monochrome brand, we understood the importance of finding the right environment that would support and reflect her style. As Shannon primarily worked with restaurants and cafes, we reached out to nearby establishments.

Robyn from Robyn’s Nest Cafe in Bracknell graciously allowed us to use her cafe for the photo shoot. The cafe turned out to be the perfect venue. With its delightful window space, white brick wall, brand new brick wall, and partition for the seating area. It couldn’t have been a better fit for Shannon’s brand aesthetics.

We are extremely pleased with how the shots turned out! And thrilled to see Shannon has used nearly every image in her digital marketing.

Since our personal brand photo shoot, Shannon has won two business awards, and we feel honored to have played a small role in enhancing her visual branding.

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Robyn from Robyn’s Nest Cafe for allowing us to photograph in there

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