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Personal Brand Shoot with Claire Winter - Joyful Client Returns
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We find great joy when clients return to us for more personal brand shoot or to continue their brand photography journey. One of these amazing clients is Claire Winter, a seasoned journalist and content creator with two decades of expertise! With an unwavering passion for helping business owners overcome their writing blocks, Claire discovered the transformative power of our brand photography. Together, we embarked on an adventure, crafting an alluring visual narrative that brought her work to life! Join us on yet another extraordinary journey with this creative genius as we unravel Claire’s awesome personality and unique approach to writing.

The Great House - Former Elizabethan Coaching Inn

Claire’s Inspiring Journey And Purpose

Meet Claire Winter, a trained NCTJ journalist who began her career at ITN in broadcast news on radio and television. With an impressive eight-year tenure as the editor of Families magazine, Claire curated six magazines annually, delighting parents with young children in the Thames Valley. Additionally, she also lent her writing prowess to the esteemed BBC through her insightful blogs. Currently, Claire writes national content for 35 Families magazines across the country.

Personal Brand Shoot at The Great House, Sonning, Berkshire

But that’s not all

Claire is also an ICF-accredited coach, a Nordic walking instructor, a speaker, and an award-winning podcaster. Her passion lies in sharing the healing medicine of walking and writing with people. She created The Creatrix Journey, a holistic approach to Making Words Come Alive, embracing the power of nature and the written word in a transformative way! Claire loves writing about parenting, health, lifestyle, and travel, infused with love for quirky events, places, and people!

On the business front, Claire’s expertise extends to assisting soul-led entrepreneurs in crafting impactful words that resonate with their audience. She loves helping businesses create unique content that leads to conversions, recognizing the importance of answering customers’ problems and igniting their interest. In a world saturated with content, Claire’s plans are designed to make a real impact and ensure businesses stand out.

Claire Winter - Love for Quirky Events, Places, and People

Personal Brand Shoot For Claire Winter From Making Words Come Alive

We were thrilled to see Claire again for another personal brand shoot, which took place at The Great House in Sonning. This former Elizabethan coaching inn, nestled along a serene stretch of the Thames, provided the perfect backdrop for capturing the more holistic side of Claire’s brand and offerings.

The Great House is a picturesque haven for visitors. It features a glass-encased terrace with serene river views, a sprawling lawn embellished with cozy deckchairs, and four quaint igloos dotting the water’s edge. The lush greenery and earthy backgrounds were perfect for capturing the spirit of her brand, and we were there to highlight the versatility of her services!

The weather was pleasant, with bright blue skies and clouds stretching above us. The natural lighting was spot-on, allowing us to capture those vibrant images that showcased Claire’s dynamic personality. Claire amazed us again with five outfit changes, each more brilliant than the last. Her fashionista spirit added a touch of glamour to the already stunning surroundings, she made the job easy for us!

What sets Claire apart is her approachability and genuine care for the well-being of her clients. During the shoot, we witnessed firsthand how comfortable her clients felt in her presence, openly discussing their goals and receiving Claire’s valuable advice. Her ability to listen attentively and offer guidance with optimism is truly commendable. It was a pleasure to witness the genuine connections she forms with those she serves.

The Creatrix Journey - Making Words Come Alive

Personal Brand Photography Sessions With The Brand Photography Company

Working with Claire Winter for the second time was an absolute pleasure. Her genuine spirit, boundless creativity, and unwavering commitment to her clients make her a true gem in the industry. We feel privileged to have been a part of her branding journey, capturing the essence of her holistic approach and bringing her vibrant personality to life through our lenses.

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