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In today’s digital world, the power of personal branding is the talk of the town! And that ultimately led us to Zara, Nutritionist and Health Coach at Marlow Bottom, Buckinghamshire.

She is an incredible nutritionist and health coach who wanted her brand story told through a photoshoot, all while radiating positivity and expertise! It was truly inspiring to capture this amazing woman’s essence. So, I thought, why not share my experience with others?

Personal Brand Shoot For Zara Watt Nutrition

Gone are the days when having a personal brand was merely a buzzword. In today’s digital age, it’s an absolute necessity. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and even nutritionists like Zara from Zara Watt Nutrition need a personal brand to establish their identity and authority in their field. And let us tell you, Zara has nailed it! Specialising in women’s health, Zara helps women balance their hormones, increase their energy, lose weight, and, most importantly, get their mojo back.

As personal brand photographers, we value the power of imagery to tell a story. And with Zara, it was more than just taking pretty pictures; it was about showcasing her passion for her clients’ well-being and empowering women to make informed health choices.

Getting personal

Getting to know Zara was a real treat. Not only does she have a smile that can light up a room, but her passion for what she does is infectious. We couldn’t help but get excited about her business after hearing her talk about it for just a few minutes. But what really stood out to us was how much she cares about her clients.

Zara sees clients online, over the phone, or in her treatment space in Marlow Bottom, Buckinghamshire. Additionally, she offers a complementary 30-min health and energy review. We could tell she’s not just in it for the money; she genuinely wants to help people. And that’s the kind of dedication that’s truly inspiring.

Attention to detail

Of course, a personal brand shoot is not only about the subject but also about the visual elements that support their brand identity. We paid attention to details like colours, props, and lighting to create a cohesive and professional look and feel.

We had a great time shooting Zara’s personal brand images in her treatment space in Marlow Bottom, Buckinghamshire. Let us tell you, this woman exudes positive energy wherever she goes! Not only is her passion for what she does absolutely contagious, but her vibrant personality is also mirrored in the stunning colours of the food she serves and the décor of her home.

Another aspect of the shoot was to showcase Zara as an approachable and relatable expert in her field. We played with different scenarios, from working on diet plans to enjoying a snack in a cosy setting to convey her personality and brand values. And it was refreshing to see how natural and effortless Zara was in front of the camera, which translated into authentic and genuine photos.

A personal brand shoot is an absolute must-have for any small business. And when it comes to someone like Zara, who is clearly passionate about women’s health and helping others, it’s even more important to capture her unique energy through striking visuals. We know first-hand that people buy from people, and Zara’s welcoming smile and approachable nature are sure to draw in clients and leave a lasting impression. With the right images, Zara’s personality and expertise will shine, making her stand out in a crowded industry.

Personal Brand Photography Sessions With The Brand Photography Company

Zara, thank you for trusting us with your personal brand photography. A personal brand shoot is a valuable investment for a brand owner who wants to communicate their unique story and values to their audience. And with you, it was a testament to the power of imagery that allowed us to capture the essence of your brand and its personality. From planning the shoot to showcasing your expertise and personality, it was an absolute joy to work with you. We are grateful for the opportunity to capture your brand in action.

If you’re a small business owner or just looking to jumpstart your personal brand, don’t hesitate and book a personal brand shoot today. Your future clients will thank you for it! So why wait? Call us at 07481816132 or send an email to get started. To know more about us, be sure to check out our website and LinkedIn page! We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life.

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