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Small business success through compelling visuals
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As a product brand photography expert, it’s great to work with passionate entrepreneurs who pour their hearts into their businesses. We had the pleasure of photographing Adi, the creative force behind The Canford Candle Company. Adi’s love for candles and her dedication to crafting exquisite products shone through every aspect of our photo shoot.

Small business success through compelling visuals

The Background:

Established in 2021, The Canford Candle Company finds its roots in Adi’s deep affinity for candles. Adi began making candles for her loved ones, discovering a mindful, calming, and peaceful experience in the process. After honing her skills through online courses and extensive testing, Adi officially launched her business in September 2021. Her hand-poured candles, created in small batches of 10, are made from soy wax and the finest fragrance oils.

When Adi approached us for a photo shoot, her primary goal was to capture the homemade essence of her products. We arranged the shoot in her bright kitchen in Holyport, Maidenhead, which perfectly complemented the charm of her candles. Adi’s love for the colour blue was evident in her choice of outfits, infusing a vibrant and playful element.

Our brief was to capture Adi’s fun nature and showcase her products both in lifestyle shots and on clean white backgrounds. We photographed the ingredients she uses in her candle-making process, including the wax and fragrance oils. We also highlighted other products she offers, such as the stunning glass cork stopper bottles with long matches, the perfect accompaniment to her candles.

Lifestyle shots of Adi's homemade candle collection

More Than Just The Candles:

While capturing the essence of The Canford Candle Company was our objective, we also wanted to reveal Adi the person. We believe that personal connections are at the heart of successful small businesses. By stepping away from the candles and showcasing Adi herself, we provided an intimate glimpse into the person behind the brand.

Our relationship with Adi began at a networking event some time ago, and we were thrilled when she entrusted us with capturing her brand through our Personal Brand Photography shoots.

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