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A Professional Content Creator is different to a blogger or influencer. We are trained, qualified photographers first; content creators second in order to bring you new, consistent imagery that will sell your business.

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A Professional Content Creator is different to a blogger or influencer.

We are trained, qualified photographers first; content creators second.

From photographing brand shoots for start ups to corporate photography for FTSE 100 commercial clients; we know what images work for marketing and social media.

Our eye, expertise and professional photography can be expensive for small businesses. But we know our photographs will make you sales in your business.

Our Professional Content Creator services are taken on the latest Apple iPhones, use brilliant lighting and add styling to your product if required.

Consider a Professional Content Creator if you know you are struggling for time to get “the perfect shots” for socials but can’t afford a full professional brand shoot; then this is the perfect solution to your social media problems.

One of our photographers will photograph for 1 hour on your premises and send you the photographs the following day. Inside will include a minimum of 30 images for social media as well as Timelapse videos of you working and videos that are suitable for reels.

We do not put reels together for our clients as we aren’t social media creators; but we work with a brilliant company that creates graphics and reels if you would like to discuss this as an option.

Special offers include:
– Booking 5 sessions with us and get your 6th one free
– Recommend a friend where you will both get 10% off your next session
– Sharing to our social media accounts with a 6,000 audience

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What is a Professional Content Creator

This is a combination between a professional photographer and a content creator like a blogger or social media influencer. We are professional photographers first, so know how to style your product or workspace, the best way to light it and know how to get natural images of your business. Our 20 years experience photographing businesses will serve you with a high attention to detail that will work beautifully in your photos. 

Why should I book your content creator as opposed to a brand shoot?

They are really entirely different services.  We have found that a lot of our enquiries are from newly established businesses that don’t have the budget for a photo shoot that starts at £350 – £1000 +.

We wanted to have an accesible photo shoot for smaller businesses; that could afford a photo shoot that gives them at least a months worth of content that really works out at £5.60 per day.

Several of our clients have us visit them once a month; or even more if they have significant menu changes, new staff or events and workshops.

What do I receive for £175 one hour shoot?

For £175; you receive the following –

  • One hour photo shoot with our latest Apple iPhone
  • Photographs and videos including timelapses in your workplace. A minimum of 30 usuable images and videos.
  • Lighting if required
  • Styling of your products or work environment if required
  • Pre-planning form to read to get you prepared for the session
  • Images and videos edited for consistency in light sent to you within 24 hours
  • Feature your business on our social pages with over 6,000 followers combined
Why should I trust you?

We’ve been photographing since 2002. That’s a lot of photos taken in that period from weddings, events, corporate and events! We know what makes an amazing photograph for all our clients; whether that’s on our big cameras or on our phones. 

What is the quality like compared to a proper brand shoot?

Our big cameras are of course far better quality compared to our Apple iPhones; even though the phones are incredible quality. 

But the content creator shoots are there to give you professional level photography on a budget. 

The photos are perfect for social media, newsletters and marketing; we would just recommend that if you were to print the photographs that you keep it fairly small. No A4 brochures, but little postcards with photos for leaflets; then that’s great. 


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